Lyons has teamed up with Sy-Klone to be able to bring you a leading brand in cabin and engine filtration, pre-cleaning systems and pressurisers used on HVAC units and engines throughout the world. In Western Australia it is a preferred system for heavy equipment, mining, agriculture, fire and rescue, military, construction, demolition, and forestry.

Sy-Klone is considered pioneers in the industry of air pre-cleaning and adaptive filtration, with innovation in technology that has made it a preferred option across many industries throughout Australia and the world.

What better team than Lyons the leaders in air-conditioning and filtration joining forces with Sy-Klone to give you a holistic solution to protect your staff and assets to keep them working longer and safer for you.

The main benefits of Sy-Klone technology are:

  • Self-cleaning and maintenance free filtration system*
  • Minimised filter costs
  • Extended filter life of up to double that of others
  • High grade filtration including HEPA (XLR removes 99.99% of ISO fine test dust)
  • Uncomplicated installation method by a qualified installer (Lyons)
  • Filtration protection options for personnel, engine and HVAC system


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