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Mining Means Dust – And You Need Proper Cabin Pressurisation

It’s no secret that mining is a dirty, dusty job. The summer heat and the rugged terrain of most mining operations combine to create a lot of dust and debris in the air. If you don’t have the proper cabin pressurisation in your mining equipment’s cabs, you could be breathing in all that dust. Naturally, that’s something you want to avoid. The dust itself isn’t good for your lungs, and you can end up with respiratory problems from breathing too much of it.

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The Importance Of Servicing Your Truck’s Air Conditioning In Winter

When it’s winter, the last thing you probably think of is your truck’s air conditioning. Even with cold temperatures, though, it is important to keep that system serviced and working properly. It’s often easier to get an appointment to have your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced during the winter months, because there is less demand for cold air blowing through a truck. You can also work on your own vehicle if you can get the right parts and equipment. No matter how you choose to service your air conditioning – yourself or by taking it to Lyon’s Air Conditioning – you’ll want to make sure it’s ready when summer comes around.

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Using HC could see you in court

The use of HC refrigerant has been a hot topic for some time, but a recent court case has brought it more fully into the spotlight. The case involved a $3,000 fine and $690 in costs for a mechanic who was careless about the use of HC refrigerant. That carelessness resulted in an explosion that destroyed a customer’s car, many of their belongings, and severely damaged their home.

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The Wittenoom Wasteland

In and around the now-condemned town site of Wittenoom, the “blue ghosts” of the past still haunt the area. The blue asbestos that was mined there for over 30 years continues to kill people through the insidiousness of mesothelioma. The children of the miners are dying, now, from hugging their fathers when they came home from a long day of mining, covered with dust that no one realized was so deadly. The products of the mine were left where they were dumped when the mine was abandoned, exposing the asbestos to the elements, and leaving the local population at risk.

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Fatigue on the Road: Causes and Solutions

As commercial auto electricians in Perth, Lyons Air works with all kinds of clients whose jobs require time on the road: people in transport, earthmoving and mining. Many of our clients have fleets of cars, trucks or specialised equipment, and we keep the electrical systems and air conditioning in the cabs in good repair. In the past, we’ve posted about the dangers of heat illness on the job. However, heat illness isn’t the only hazard that drivers and equipment operators face. Fatigue is a huge danger, too, especially for people whose work requires them to spend long hours driving a car or truck.


Heat Stroke: Six Ways to Avoid it

In the past few weeks, we’ve talked a little bit about heat illness: the unpleasant and potentially deadly consequence of physical overheating. From what it is to the levels of severity, we’ve laid out how to identify heat related illness, how it affects the body and how it can progress. From rashes and nausea to confusion and lightheadedness, heat illness is a real danger to people who work in unconditioned or semi-conditioned environments and on the road here in Western Australia. Here are some things you can do to minimise your risks.


Lower Your Risks With Regular Maintenance

Lyons Air Conditioning is a full service company specialising in mobile air conditioning, including auto air conditioning, truck air conditioning, mining air conditioning and more. We offer airconditioning and refrigeration equipment for sale direct to our clients—equipment like battery-powered portable fridges and compact rooftop air conditioning units. We can install integrated air conditioning systems into cars, trucks, equipment cabs and small buildings like office trailers and onsite cool-rooms. We can repair existing air conditioning systems, too. There’s another air conditioning service we provide, as well: air conditioning maintenance.


Heat Stroke: What it is

We are experts in installing, repairing and maintaining mobile and temporary air conditioning systems, including truck air conditioning, auto air conditioning and mining air conditioning. We can even design air conditioning for unusual, compact and remote spaces. We’re experts with both mechanical and electrical work, and we work with batteries, generators and even solar panels. We’re conscious that what we do is important for the health and wellbeing of workers in mining, transport, energy, construction and other important industries. We help to protect workers on site and on the road from heat stroke, and we’re proud of that.

In the past, we’ve talked a little about some of the stages and levels of severity of heat-related illness. Looking up that information made us wonder: what, exactly, is going on in the body when it overheats? What is heat stroke?


Brand Profile: Red Dot

Every so often, we’ve been featuring posts about companies in our supply chain, respected partners whose products we install or offer directly to our customers in Western Australian transport, construction and mining. Last year, we told you a little about Waeco, the classic German/American brand that sets the standard for mobile, battery-powered refridgerators. We’re a Waeco fridge retailer, and their products are favourites with our customers in transport and every other industry where work is often done on site, in remote locations and off the grid. Today, we’re going to take a look at Red Dot. Red Dot supplies many of the parts and systems we use in our truck and mining air conditioning installations, and we have many of their air conditioning parts online, too.


Four Levels of Heat-Related Illness

Western Australia is always hot during the summer. Add a heat wave on top of that, and it’s nothing short of dangerous. When going to work means ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’, the health implications can be serious. As a whole, these problems are usually referred to as ‘heat stress’ or ‘heat illness’, and the West Australia government gives some information and advice on their Worksafe website. Here’s a quick break-down: four types of heat-related illness roughly in order of severity.