Heat Stroke: What it is

We are experts in installing, repairing and maintaining mobile and temporary air conditioning systems, including truck air conditioning, auto air conditioning and mining air conditioning. We can even design air conditioning for unusual, compact and remote spaces. We’re experts with both mechanical and electrical work, and we work with batteries, generators and even solar panels. We’re conscious that what we do is important for the health and wellbeing of workers in mining, transport, energy, construction and other important industries. We help to protect workers on site and on the road from heat stroke, and we’re proud of that.

In the past, we’ve talked a little about some of the stages and levels of severity of heat-related illness. Looking up that information made us wonder: what, exactly, is going on in the body when it overheats? What is heat stroke?


Brand Profile: Red Dot

Every so often, we’ve been featuring posts about companies in our supply chain, respected partners whose products we install or offer directly to our customers in Western Australian transport, construction and mining. Last year, we told you a little about Waeco, the classic German/American brand that sets the standard for mobile, battery-powered refridgerators. We’re a Waeco fridge retailer, and their products are favourites with our customers in transport and every other industry where work is often done on site, in remote locations and off the grid. Today, we’re going to take a look at Red Dot. Red Dot supplies many of the parts and systems we use in our truck and mining air conditioning installations, and we have many of their air conditioning parts online, too.


Four Levels of Heat-Related Illness

Western Australia is always hot during the summer. Add a heat wave on top of that, and it’s nothing short of dangerous. When going to work means ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’, the health implications can be serious. As a whole, these problems are usually referred to as ‘heat stress’ or ‘heat illness’, and the West Australia government gives some information and advice on their Worksafe website. Here’s a quick break-down: four types of heat-related illness roughly in order of severity.


Let Lyons Equip Your Office Trailers and Cool Rooms

Most of our customers at Lyons Air Conditioning like to put us to work on their mobile equipment, truck and automotive air conditioning systems. We specialise in air conditioning services, pressurisation and ventilation for vehicles and mining, earthmoving and construction equipment. We have the skills, knowledge and parts on hand to work with every type of compact environmental control system, and we’re experts with onsite electrical work, as well. Have you thought about bringing us onboard for all the work you need done to establish onsite air conditioning and electrical systems?


Worksafe’s Advice on Mining Air Conditioning

Every employee and contractor has the right to expect a working environment that is as safe and comfortable as the job allows. At minimum, that means attention to health and safety on the part of the employer. If workplace risks can’t be eliminated, then they should be approached with awareness and minimised as much as possible. Everyone knows that this way of thinking applies to things like the risk of falling, the use of dangerous tools and machines, and exposure to potentially harmful substances. However, the work environment itself can pose a risk, especially if the temperature is far too hot or too cold. Workers have a right to expect an environment that allows for a reasonable level of comfort, and smart employers know that an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment means workers will not be as productive.


New Truck Air Conditioning Regulation To Take Effect

If you work in trucking, then you’re familiar with Hot Shot services. These are express freight transport runs where trucks with two drivers stay on the road all day and night, reaching their far-away destination as quickly as physically possible. They’re a great option, and they’re very popular. With two drivers, one is at the wheel while the other sleeps, and there’s always a second person to help prevent problems and to step in if there’s an emergency. In many ways, it’s a good idea.


The Recent Perth Truck Explosion: Why It Won’t Happen To Our Clients

In April, the refrigerant-contaminated air in the cab of a truck caught fire and severely injured the driver and passenger. The scariest thing is that it could have been much worse. They were driving slowly down a suburban street in Perth at the time, and they managed to jump out the doors and escape the flames in the cab. Nobody other than the occupants was injured, but if the same thing had happened on a crowded city freeway, then the results could have been catastrophic.


Dust Issues in Mining

Mining is a dangerous job, and while tunnel collapses and other violent accidents make the national and international news, most people are less aware of dangers that take a longer time to cause injury and loss of life. The mineral and silica dust that miners are often exposed to is one example of a slow, but serious, threat to workers’ health.


Civil and Mining Expo (CME 2014)

Lyons Airconditioning have been the industry leaders in automotive airconditioning for over 20 years and from the 9th of April until the 11th of April we will be displaying a number of our major products and services at the Civil and Mining Expo (CME 2014). Mining, truck and earthmoving equipment airconditioning and auto electrical solutions have become a strength and focus of our company and we are looking forward to presenting our capabilities at the upcoming CME expo

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A Waeco Fridge For Your Truck

Waeco was founded in 1974 based on a single, very useful innovation: a battery-operated refrigerator. Waeco mobile refrigeration products were originally designed to be used on board boats. There was pent-up demand for the product, and the portable refrigerators quickly became popular. The company grew rapidly. Waeco’s German engineers perfected and adapted the original design, and they were able to expand into new markets. Before long, they were working with vehicle manufacturers as well as selling directly to consumers. In 1981, they partnered with a large car air conditioning company, Italy’s DIAVIA. Since 2007, Waeco has been a division of Dometic, an American mobile refrigeration company.