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Diesel Particulate Matter and why we need to avoid it

Earlier this month the Cancer Council Australia released an article which has created a few shock waves throughout the transport industry. Whilst airborne particulates such as asbestos have been in the public eye for the damage it can cause those who inhale it, Diesel Particulate Matter or DPM as it is often called and the dangers of this particulate is not as well known and identified as a hazardous material to the extent of asbestos.

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Remote Air Conditioning Charging – Earthmoving Equipment Focus

Safety in mining has come along leaps and bounds since the “early days” of tank tops, shorts and thongs. Whilst mining is still in essence a dangerous job, the risk avoidance procedures that the mining industry has taken upon itself to implement to protect the safety and well being of the employees in the industry is a compliment to the industry. However even with these safeguards and protections in place, unfortunately accidents can occur. Testing and commisioning has been identified as one of the periods of time where accidents have the potential to occur on a mine site and as such we will offer safety solutions below to assist with this in the field of earthmoving airconditioning.

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Sigma Anti-Idling System – the game changer in fuel consumption reduction for Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Saving costs has never been as important in the mining industry as it is now. With the end of the mining construction boom, there is a large amount of pressure on reducing costs and downtime whilst still delivering production totals.

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What To Look For When Buying Truck Air Conditioning Parts Online

If you need automotive air conditioning parts, where you get them can be just as important as the actual parts you buy. By choosing a trusted supplier, you’ll have a better chance of getting the parts you want, need, and expect. You may also get better service, more information about what you’re buying, and quality OEM parts or aftermarket options that are going to provide you with everything you need to get your truck’s air conditioning system back up and running smoothly.

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Common Truck Air Conditioning Problems

Your truck air conditioning is very important, because it helps protect you from the heat of a Perth summer. Of course, your auto air conditioning isn’t going to keep you comfortable if it doesn’t work the way it should. There are some common truck air conditioning problems that can have your truck’s cabin getting warm and uncomfortable. Some of these problems are easy to fix on your own and have tips you can follow, but others require a professional to handle them like Lyons Air Conditioning. Taking your truck to Lyons Air that specialise in truck and mining air conditioning can mean a faster and better fix to any air conditioning problem.

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Buying an Engel Portable Fridge

Engel portable fridges are popular in Perth because they possess a reputation for reliability and efficiency. It’s not just about the fridge, though. It’s also about where you buy that fridge and the kind of service and support you get from the company you purchase it from. When you purchase a fridge you’re happy with from a company you trust such as Lyons Air Conditioning, it’s a winning combination that you can really appreciate. Getting that fridge from Lyons Air where you can also get your auto electrical parts and automotive air conditioning helps ensure that you have everything in one place.

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Auto Air Conditioner Tips You Should Know

When you have automotive air conditioning, it’s very important that it works properly. Perth gets very hot during the summer months, and the scorching heat means it can be hard to get anything done if you don’t have a way of cooling down. Being in your vehicle on long trips, or even short ones, isn’t any fun when the weather is too warm and you don’t have cool air in the cabin. Without air conditioning, it can also get very stuffy and almost difficult to breathe. Cool air just makes everything better and a lot more comfortable.

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Don’t Take A Chance On Your Auto Electrical Repairs

Getting your automotive air conditioning repaired is very important, especially in the heat of a Perth summer. When the scorching temperatures make it uncomfortable on the roads and the jobsite, it’s very hard to get anything done unless you can be cooled down. Keeping the cabin cool means having truck air conditioning and mining air conditioning that works well, and that you can consistently rely on to keep the temperature at a reasonable level for you. If you require air conditioning repairs, or general auto electrical repairs, you don’t want to take it to just anyone. You want to be sure you choose an auto air conditioning company you can trust.

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A Portable Fridge Can Make Your Job Site A Cooler Place

A Portable Fridge Can Make Your Job Site A Cooler Place

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Tips For Cooling Your Truck More Effectively

The right automotive air conditioning can make a big difference when the weather is hot. The summer heat in Perth can be scorching, and if you drive a truck you will find that being able to cool the cabin efficiently is a vital component to your job. That is especially important if you have a long-distance run to make, and you need to sleep in your truck overnight. A cabin that is too warm means you will not sleep well, which can lead to fatigue, illness, and even a vehicle crash. Instead of risking those kinds of problems, auto air conditioning should be on the top of your list for things to have and maintain when you drive for a living.