Cabin and bunk air-conditioning

Surprisingly, Is Evaporative or Refrigerated Cooler?

Evaporative and refrigerated air conditioning systems both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.Cabin and bunk air-conditioning

Below we explore the pros and cons and offer a solution that will make your summer for years to come.

Evaporative Cooling Benefits

  1. An evaporative cooling system only needs electricity for its fan and water pump. Therefore, the air-conditioning unit uses less power than most cooling systems.
  2. An evap unit uses a more natural process to keep your truck and cabin cool, all it requires is a full tank of water

Evaporative Cooling Limitations

  1. Evaporative units are not ideal for humid areas and can be influenced by rainy periods.

    Evaporative Air Con

    Popular Evaporative Air-conditioner for Cabin or Bunk

  2. Their coolers require more than most alternative air-conditioning
  3. They have basic air filtration systems and so many airborne contaminants are not captured
  4. Cabins can become musty due to high moisture levels in fabric
  5. A window needs to be left open to allow for the free flow of air in and out of the cabin
  6. Require water tank to be topped up after an overnight use, which can be a scarce commodity in some parts of Australia.

Refrigerated Cooling Benefits

  1. A refrigerated cooling system will keep you cool and comfortable in all weather conditions
  2. Refrigerated air-conditioners allows you to assign different temperatures to suit you.
  3. The cooling system removes humidity from the area
  4. Refrigerated system has a very effective filtration system

Refrigerated System Limitations:

  1. A robust system like a refrigerated cooler requires more energy to function. However, there are Lithium powered air-conditioning options that has all the benefit of both worlds.
  2. The refrigerated cooling’s outdoor unit like the ICEPACK can be noisy. DC Lithium powered refrigerated air-conditioning units overcome this

Should you get an evaporative or refrigerated cooling system?

If you were after a versatile system that can keep you comfortable in all of Australia’s climate conditions, then the recommendation would be a refrigerated cooling unit.

If you want the advantages of both Evaporative and Refrigerated for cabin cooling, then Lyons Piccolo Lithium Battery powered splitter bunk air-conditioning unit is the answer.

The Piccolo innovation has truck cabin or bunk cooling benefits beyond most systems on the market:

  • A fraction up front cost than other systems

    Split refrigerated bunk or cabin air conditioning unit

    Piccolo Lithium battery Bunk or Cabin Air conditioner best suited for transport trucks

  • Lithium powered system, saving you money on fuel on ongoing running costs
  • Eco-Friendly unit that’s energy efficient
  • Quiet and peaceful for a better night sleep
  • Inbuilt option to run on 240v. Plug in and save
  • Compact components requiring less effort to find room to install
  • Less maintenance with the option of doing it yourself
  • Tried and tested system used in standalone and fleet trucking industry

Having an expert who can help make the right decision can be invaluable. Lyons is the “Largest Independent Automotive & Electrical Wholesaler and Installer”, specialising in air-conditioning, filtration and pressurisers.

Call us now on (08) 9259 7777 or email and speak to one of our experts to make sure you keep safe and comfortable this summer.

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