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Air Conditioning Facts You Should Know

There are so many options in automotive air-conditioning that it can be overwhelming. The financial investment required can be considerable, so making the right choice is an important personal and business decision. The extreme temperatures in Australia make air-conditioning essential, especially in construction and mining as it has a major impact on: Safety, dehydration and […]

MERV vs. HEPA What does it mean and what suits you?

As cabin filtration becomes more of a necessity that a luxury it is important to understand how filtration works and what is necessary for you. One of the most common queries asked is how does filtration work and what level of filtration is needed for your job site. Sy-Klone, the world leaders in cabin and engine […]

2021 Industrial and Heavy Equipment Air Filtration Best Practices and Trends

Air quality has been a trending topic throughout 2020. This focus will continue into 2021 due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and increased interest in health and safety impacts of respirable particulates, viruses, and other microscopic nanoparticles. The rising financial impact and safety risks of dust Although small, dust particulates can cause big problems […]

10 + 1 Tips to Prepare for Success in 2021

With the challenges of the pandemic most businesses at some stage have had to adjust to keep trading. No one really knows what 2021 will look like, but most experts agree that COVID-19 will continue to affect our lives. Adaptable and well-managed businesses will need to be flexible and adapt to be successful and grow […]

Lyons Leads the Way in ISO Cabin Filtration Standards

Airborne dust particles can cause short term impact on mining productivity and long-term impacts on workers’ health. Safe to Work speaks to Lyons Airconditioning Services about how it combines its renowned Australian knowledge with Sy-Klone International’s cab air quality systems and air filtration products to lead the way in dust control and help mining companies […]

Lyons Indigenous New Look

Lyons has established a reputation throughout WA as the experts in Heavy and Light Vehicle in air conditioning and filtration. They are embedded in the mining, transport and construction industries and play a part in environmental sustainability and respect for the traditional landowners of Australia. Looking to expand their indigenous workforce and supporting Aboriginal artists […]

Why Sy-Klone is Outstanding for your Cabin Filtration?

Let’s get straight to the point. The Sy-Klone systems ‘point loads’ the air filter. Why does this matter? Longer filter life. Traditional pressurisers use a vacuum to pull air through a filter, resulting in an accumulation of dust and debris at the strongest vacuum point that increases restriction and reduces filter life. Also, the vacuum […]

Sy-Klone Engine & Air Filtration for Coal Mines

Sy-Klone filtration is used in various mining operations throughout the world. In Colombia South America, Sy-Klone is the preferred automotive cabin and engine filtration systems, for some of the largest coal mines in the country. Cerrejon and Drummond Coal are two worth mentioning. Cerrejon is the largest open pit coal mine in the world and […]

Super Tips to Stop the Spread

In light of the Coronavirus affecting the whole world, it is more important than ever to ensure our cabin cleaning methods are at a high standard to protect heavy vehicle operators. There are many recommendations to keep cabin and air conditioning systems clean as possible to help stop the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi and […]