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Mining Air Conditioning

Mining air conditioning

Properly functioning auto electrical and HVAC systems are critical for the safe operation of mobile mining equipment. Lyons Airconditioning has over 30 years of experience working with mining equipment for the mining industry and our knowledge of and familiarity with mining equipment have made us a leader in this highly specialised field.

When mobile mining equipment and vehicles have problems with their auto electrical, auto air conditioning or cabin filtration and pressurising systems, our experienced technicians allow us to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are focused on finding solutions to equipment breakdowns. Their primary goals are to provide the customer with increased equipment availability and to optimise operator health and safety.

Our parts supply staff are well known in Western Australia’s mining industry and they’re well aware that the parts you call them about today are required today. Whether the parts you need are for auto electrical, Auto Lights, safety or air conditioning, they will efficiently take your order and dispatch your parts, tools or units in the required time frame. We know how critical these parts are for your business and we put a strong emphasis on delivering orders in full, on time.

When you contact Lyons Airconditioning Services you will be dealing with people that understand how critical the electrical and airconditioning systems are in mining equipment. You will be dealing with specialists enthusiastic to satisfy.

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