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Lyons Airconditioning is one of the leading suppliers for all your auto electrical requirements. We provide parts and service for the on-site and mobile air conditioning and electrical systems that serve Western Australia’s mining, earthmoving, construction and trucking industries. We’re responsive and knowledgeable, with mobile workshops that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice and over 30 years of industry experience in our areas of specialisation i.e auto electrical needs.

Auto Airconditioning for Mining Equipment
Auto Airconditioning for Mining Equipment


Lyons Airconditioning has been working with the Western Australian mining industry for more than 30 years installing, upgrading and repairing the specialised air conditioning, electrical, air filtering and pressurisation systems in mining equipment cabs. We understand the importance of this equipment for worker health and safety and for the productivity of the operation. We have experienced and highly skilled technicians ready to repair your equipment and meet your auto electrical requirements. Being one of the best suppliers of auto electrical parts, we most likely have the parts in stock. We can provide almost instant response, usually same-day, for both parts and services. If you require auto electrical services right now, the call Lyons Airconditioning.


Earthmoving equipment is absolutely vital to Western Australia’s mining and construction industries, and operating earthmoving equipment is a tough job. Especially during hot summers, it is absolutely vital to have the air conditioning, air filtration and air pressurisation systems in the cabs operating dependably and efficiently. Health and safety are serious issues for the operators, and when these systems aren’t working, the equipment isn’t working, either. Maximise productivity and minimise downtime by keeping Lyons Airconditioning’s phone number handy. As one of the best suppliers of earthmoving parts, we also service your needs, when you need them.

Airconditioning Systems for Earthmoving Equipment
Airconditioning Systems for Earthmoving Equipment
Airconditoning for Construction Industry
Airconditoning for Construction Industry


If it has a cab, then Lyons Airconditioning can keep the electrical, air conditioning, air filtration and pressurisation systems functioning at top efficiency and a high level of effectiveness. If you have a system failure, we can respond fast and get you up and running again in no time. We’re not limited to mobile air conditioning systems. We can also set up and service the air conditioning and electrical systems in your temporary structures and enclosed work areas. We’re experts with compact and temporary HVAC and electrical systems. For many builders in Western Australia, we’re valuable members of the team on every worksite.


Lyons Airconditioning is a dependable friend to Western Australia’s truckers. We have everything you need to keep the cooling and electrical systems in your mobile workplace comfortable, serviceable and safe. Of course we can keep your air conditioning running dependably and repair it quickly. If there’s a problem, we can send out one of our mobile workshops to meet you wherever you are. We also offer high intensity, high range replacement low and high beam globes. We can install and work with bunk and sleeper cabin air conditioning systems. We are one of the major auto electrical suppliers of portable refridgerators like Engel and Waeco. We can service and provide you with portable refrigerators. We’ll help keep both you and your truck in top operating condition.

Lyons Airconditioning provides dependable and experienced professional service for the mobile, temporary and specialised air conditioning and electrical systems needed by Western Australia’s mining, trucking and construction industries. We know air conditioning, air filtration, pressurisation, refrigeration and lighting backward and forward, and we understand how costly delays are to you. If you’re looking for fast, competent and knowledgable suppliers or auto electrical services, call Lyons Airconditioning.

Truck Airconditioning
Truck Airconditioning

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