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Portable Fridge

Lyons Air Conditioning does more than keep you cool and comfortable on the job. We also help you keep your food and drinks frosty with a wide range of portable refrigerators for sale online and shipped from our warehouse outside Perth, in Western Australia. Our customers and clients in transport, mining and construction tell us our battery-powered portable refrigerators, from well-respected manufacturers Engel and Waeco, are amazingly reliable and absolutely indispensable.

If you’ve looked at the features of our Waeco fridges and Engel fridges and you’re wondering which to order, then here’s our advice: you can’t go wrong with either brand. At Lyons Air Conditioning, we work with mobile refrigeration systems every day, and we offer these two brands of portable fridges for sale because we believe they represent the best quality and value currently available. Both Waeco and Engel fridges are well designed, well built, dependable and durable, even in the extremely hot conditions you’ll find in the outback. We provide replacement parts. Browse our selection of portable fridges online below.
Portable Fridge
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