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Auto Electrical Installation

Auto electrical installation

Lyons Air made its name in mobile air conditioning, but today, we’re offering our clients and customers so much more. Sure, we can handle auto air conditioning installations, but our auto electricians in Perth have the tools and knowledge needed to carry out almost any type of auto electrical installation; if it’s mobile and it runs on electricity, then we know how to install it, repair it and maintain it. We use only the highest quality parts, and we work with alternators, starters, lighting systems and pressurisers as well as air conditioning. You will not find better or more comprehensive auto electrical installation in Perth or anywhere in the surrounding area.

When it comes to auto electrical installation in Perth, you really can’t do better than Lyons Air. We have a well organised warehouse stocked with every type of part that’s needed by our auto electricians, and we can find out almost instantly what parts are needed for an electrical installation or repair in your particular vehicle. We have the electrical parts required for almost any car, truck & earthmover, new or old, and we can get them out to you quickly. Our mobile service vehicle’s are available around the clock to deal with emergency auto electrical repairs, but of course we can retrofit new systems, too.

If you’re stranded with a bad alternator or a faulty starter, we can install the new parts on-site. If your air conditioning needs an upgrade or a repair, we can take care of it. If you’d like a pressuriser to keep the dust out, we can provide that, too. Come to Lyons Air for all your auto electrical installation needs.

Truck and Trailer Electrical Installation

Lyons Air can provide everything needed to make a truck or trailer into a comfortable environment for driving, eating meals, taking a break and even sleeping. We know that your rig is your home and your office, and we have the skills and knowledge — and the parts and systems — to make your truck your home away from home. Mobile air conditioning and pressuriser installation is our bread and butter. Everyone knows why air conditioning is needed in Western Australia, but pressurisers are just as important; they create positive pressure in the cab so that the dust can’t easily get in.

We’ve also got the parts needed for almost any other type of truck or auto electrical installation in a new or old vehicle, including starter and alternator installation and repair, and the installation and repair of interior and exterior lighting and associated wiring, fuses and controls. We also have a great selection of mobile, portable electrical fridges to keep your food and drink cool in any weather.

Are you looking for someone who can take on a challenging job on a mobile electrical system? With a well organised warehouse full of electrical parts for cars and trucks, new and old, we’re the automotive electrical specialists that you’ve been looking for. Lyons Air is proud to have the best auto electricians in Perth on board, and we can put them to work for you.

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